Oil & Gas

In the oil and gas business these days, you have to do more work in less time—and at lower cost—just to stay competitive. At the same time, your equipment has become more complex. Performing routine inspections and daily walk-arounds isn’t enough anymore.

You need hard facts about your equipment. Lots of them. About how well your assets are working. And how efficiently your operation is running.

Fortunately, technology built into today’s equipment can give you the timely information you need.

Asset Health Monitoring


Asset Health Monitoring

Using data from your assets and easy-to-use analysis tools from your Cat® dealer, you can make well-informed and timely equipment management decisions that can help you control costs, improve operations, manage people and reduce risk.



Oil and Gas

Autonomous commercial drones are changing the way oil and gas facilities and infrastructure are being inspected and monitored by enabling the rapid and safe collection of high-resolution imagery and video of plants, platforms, and pipelines.

Airware’s drone solution for oil and gas helps companies safely operate drones, meet compliance requirements, and integrate aerial data with GIS and other business systems.



UAV Inspection Services

James Harrison, Co-founder & CEO of London-based Sky-Futures, a leader in oil and gas data capture and analysis by commercial drone, explains how companies in the oil and gas industry are utilizing commercial drones.

Safer and quicker inspections

Perform faster inspections and improve worker safety by minimizing use of scaffolding, cranes, or helicopters.

Better inspection information

Spot issues earlier by using visible light and infrared sensors to inspect flare stacks and chimneys while operating.

Minimize facility downtime

Maintain production goals by avoiding shutting down equipment for routine facility inspections.



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